The Kids Shop Daycare, Preschool & Infant Care



 We offer Infant Care, Toddler Care, and a Preschool Program


It is the philosophy of The Kids Shop Day Care that early childhood should be a fun time, filled with curiosity, exploration, and discovery. All children are creative and receptive by nature, in our program we strive to nurture and guide these qualities in each child that joins our group. We are an all inclusive program and recognize the varied needs, learning styles, and abilities of all the children in our care.”After all, A Good Beginning lasts a Lifetime!”
Our mission is to provide a safe, loving, and positive environment that promotes social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth and development in each child. We encourage parent involvement in our program, and work together to provide the very best care possible for your child.


We have been established in  Oak Grove, Milwaukie since early 2000. We offer a safe, happy home environment with the best of both worlds. A quality program with a softly structured day, in a home setting. My home is filled with Lve, Laughter, and Learning. From healthy meals and snacks, natural home care products, to the enriching curriculum. We are helping to build healthy bodies, hearts and minds from the inside out! We are an all inclusive program.

{We provide Formula, Diapers, Wipes, all Meals, Pre-k }


 *7:00 AM – 6:00 PM*

*State Certified Child Care*

*CPR/First Aid/Universal Precautions*



  In our Infant Care  program, watch your child grow from a little miracle, to miraculously curious! We offer personalized {boutique style} care for each child based on their unique schedule, stage of development, and their individual needs. Warm, Lving and Caring days are spent in a home-like environment that is ideal for creating new experiences. We practice Verbalizing through the day, Tummy Time, Support Sitting, and practice SAFE SLEEP as recommended by the Academy of Pediatrics. We use Daily Up Date Sheets so you can see how baby did during there day with us.


In our Preschool Program, we balance both play and learning. The children enjoy hands on projects, seasonal sensory exploration, and yoga as one of our music and movement activities. Our day is child led yet teacher taught. We provide a softly structured day and follow the  rhythm of the children. Beginning Spanish and different weekly themes, keep the children interested and engaged.

The first two years of a child’s life help shape their future. Consistent lving care is our top priority!


 “After all, A Good Beginning lasts a Lifetime!”