Menu examples

Here is a sample 2 week menu of our lunches and snacks. We encourage the children to try different foods daily. We serve 1%  Milk, Whole Milk {age 1 year only} Organic Milk, Almond Milk, and Coconut Milk. Meat can be substituted with Yogurt, Cheese, Beans, Nut Butter. All grains served are 100% whole grain.




SNACK AM -Blueberry oatmeal muffins and milk/water

LUNCH –   Chicken and cheese quesadilla, cooked veggies, and milk

Snack PM -Cheese sticks, veggie sticks & whole grain crackers, milk/water


Snack AM – Sliced Bananas, Graham Crackers, milk/water

Lunch -Whole grain waffles, marinara sauce with mini peperoni, cheese veggies, milk

Snack PM – Whole grain oatmeal and blueberry muffins, milk/water


Snack AM – Fresh fruit, granola ,milk/water

Lunch – Grilled chicken, carrot sticks, whole grain roll, potatoes, milk

Snack PM – Banana boats (nut butter and raisins inside), string cheese milk/water


Snack AM –  Whole grain rice cake, nut butter dip, milk/water

Lunch – Black bean, corn, pasta casserole with tomato cheese sauce, whole grain bread, cucumber slices, oranges and milk

Snack PM – Apples with nut butter dip, milk/water


Snack AM- Oatmeal zucchini muffins , milk/water

Lunch -Grilled cheese on whole grain bread,  with fruit cups, celery sticks, milk

Snack PM- Hard boiled eggs, cucumber slices, blueberries, milk/water


Snack AM – Waffles with nut butter, milk/water

Lunch – Whole grain English muffin pizza with veggies and cheese , oranges, Milk

Snack PM – Graham crackers, raisins, milk/water


 Snack AM- Animal crackers, yogurt, milk/water

Lunch -Home made spaghetti with meat Sauce, garden salad, apples, milk

Snack PM- Yogurt with fruit, granola, milk/water


Snack AM- Cinnamon whole grain toast, with fruit, milk/water

Lunch- Veggie packed mac & cheese , green beans, mixed berries, and milk

Snack PM- Cheese and whole grain crackers,  strawberry smoothie, water


Snack AM – Whole grain oatmeal with raisins, milk/water

Lunch – Lentil tacos, tomato salsa, pears, milk

Snack PM – Grapes, whole grain crackers, milk/water